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New to Forums, Not to Approaching Nirvana!
06-16-2016, 06:17 AM
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Heart New to Forums, Not to Approaching Nirvana!
SO where to begin. This will be a long one. (TL;DR version scroll down)

Hi. I'm FiredDinosaur4.

How you found Approaching Nirvana
I'm a long time fan and listener of Approaching Nirvana. I found them with the release of lapse in time and subliminal message. It was a time when youtube was full of copyright strikes for music and being a gamer, I loved the fact how easy Approaching Nirvana made it to use (good) music with rightful credit. From then on I followed them because I completely respected and was grateful for what they were doing for the community. And on top of that I HeartHeartHeart the music!

How you came up with your Forum/Chat username
My name is my xbox gamertag from many many years ago that microsoft generated for me....and it stuck. I didn't mind it and somehow i felt it fit me. So it became my name for accounts from that point forward.

Age/ a little about me
I'm 21. Currently taking a break from college. Went for 3 semesters and decided I wanted a break. Will probably return in 2017. Was in school for IT and MIS double major. Enjoyed it very much...I'm a computer nerd. But it got very overwhelming combined with full-time work. Given my recent interests(I talk about below), I'm considering a change in major, but just trying to clear my mind a bit, relax, and re-focus on whatever I decide.

What country you live in
Live in the United States, specifically the state of Kansas. I'm here to dispel or confirm any Kansas myths if you want me to. Tongue

Hobbies and interests
Games, Music, anime
Games I'm all over the place...there's not much out there i haven't at least tried to play. Main games over the years have been Minecraft, Call of Duty, Battlefield, and recently Rocket League. I'm primarily a PC gamer now, but i still own all the consoles and will play both. I love the PC, but I'm by no means an elitest. We're all gamers Big Grin

Music...being in Kansas, Country was my favorite and will always be a top choice for me. I love older country. I like very little of the new country being released these days.
Once I found AN, they were my entry into electronic music. From there I kept finding more and more. In the recent years my library has increased exponentially. So electronic music is now my go-to. My primary genres are chillstep, house(any of it), and drum and bass. I used to play drums so anything with a good rhythm and beat to it I can thoroughly enjoy/appreciate. into anime roughly a year ago. Love it, but not going to go too deep into this because idk how many people in this community are into it. Top shows are White Album 2, Sword Art Online, Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood, Fate/Zero series, Sakurasou no pet Kanojo, Log Horizon, and Akame ga Kill. Yea...that's alot to be "top shows"....but i can't leave any out lol.

Being a gamer I make my own youtube videos under this username. Nothing crazy. Only recently really putting effort into it. I've always been interested in editing,video production, and graphic design so it just happened naturally i guess.

About 2 years ago I bought FL Studio as i got more and more interested in the process of making electronic music. Got discouraged, realizing it wasn't easy Huh but I continued to just mess around. I've only made a grand total of 2 full songs, but I still enjoy it....just takes a lot of time, experience, and know-how I don't have yet. Currently have a WIP going right now that I'm REALLY happy and excited for. Realizing I'm probably gonna have to start learning piano Undecided which I've dabbled in before so I'm excited. I make these under a different name.

Favorite Song
My favorite song by far from approaching nirvana is I Dream of Ibiza. One of the first I heard and literally had it on repeat forever.....and ever. Never gets old for me. New stuff I could agree is "better", but nostalgia still takes me back to it. Big Grin

What you think of Approaching Nirvana and/or Community so far
Best attitude of any community I've been a witness to. Always enjoyable and refreshing to visit in a stream or anywhere else the community is present. Been a long-time lurker. I know most of you, but I'm sure very little of you recognize me lol. Blush

TL;DR version

Long-time follower, listener, and lurker. I game, listen to music, watch anime, and am getting into production of various avenues. Love/obsessed with I Dream of Ibiza, and Heart the AN community!

I'm a quiet dude, so if you don't see me around....I'm probably still there lol. Unfortunately can't always make streams because of work, but I always pop in when I can.

And to will always be Fired so if people want to call me Dino....feel free, it's what most call me in-game and such.

Hope to see you all in the future....this post has been a long-time coming! Glad to be part of this community...officially now!

Twitter: @FiredDinosaur4
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06-18-2016, 07:05 AM
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RE: New to Forums, Not to Approaching Nirvana!

Great to have you join the community! However... do we really want a bad dinosaur in our community? You were fired anyways... *ba-da-tsss*.

Ok... bad jokes aside... I think at least the two of us will get along great, along with a HUGE part of the community. A lot of us (i say alot.. idk the percentage...) like anime, myself included. I really like all your top anime... except for White Album 2... I've never heard of it. I'll have to check it out. That aside, your faves, are in my top 10 for sure.

A lot of us (again, myself included), are PC gamers (Add my steam if you want. Same username). And a small but good portion of us are really into technology. I, for example, am going into my second year of college, studying Computer Engineering, and I love talking technology with people. So please, come talk to me if you'd like.

Excited to have you join us, and I hope to see your name quite often!

"Waaazooo, I think im giving up on that girl. Your the only girl I need"

-BillingsBro during Lets Music pre-stream
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06-23-2016, 05:40 AM
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RE: New to Forums, Not to Approaching Nirvana!
Im Waaz the coolest guy in town Kappa!

Hope you have fun around here although if you want a more casual place to hang out I would push you towards our discord server!

All the best Waazeh

[Image: emxub7v.png]
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