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Livestream Rules and Guidelines
04-18-2013, 11:18 AM (This post was last modified: 03-24-2016 02:29 AM by Geolu_Henge.)
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Exclamation Livestream Rules and Guidelines
Note on Livestream Rules:
Most of the Livestream questions and answers can be found here, or on the Official Approaching Nirvana Website FAQ section. This post is structured to inform a new person on what the Approaching Nirvana Livestream is and what the rules are. These rules are maintained regularly and are subject to change.

Livestream Rules and Disciplinary Actions
All users must abide by Twitch Terms of Service, Twitch Rules of Conduct, Approaching Nirvana’s General Rules & Guidelines, and the following:
  • Be Respectful;
    • Use English in chat: The common language for the Broadcaster and all chat users is English.
    • Keep chat discussions clean and respectful: Avoid excessive swearing or offensive language, as well as divisive topics, discrimination, defamation, or harassment of any user.
    • Do not record, redistribute or reupload the Livestream.
    • Respect the Broadcaster, Moderators, Staff, and all other users.
    • Do not share personal information of any person.
    • Do not impersonate other users, Moderators, Broadcasters, or Staff; or use their likeness.
    • Leave disciplinary actions and reminders to the Moderators.
    • Do not discuss disciplinary actions in chat, such as Warnings, Timeouts, or bans.
  • Do Not Spam;
    • Do not post links unless permitted by a Moderator.
    • Do not post excessive capitals.
    • Refrain from emote spam unless appropriate.
    • Do not post ASCII art or LEET-speek.
    • Do not use the coloured text command.
    • Avoid repeating messages, including other languages.
    • Do not advertise, unless previously discussed with the Broadcaster or Moderators.
    • Do not request songs, games, quotes, bot commands, etc; All are managed/announced by the Broadcaster and Moderators.
    • Do not post spoilers until Approaching Nirvana official announcements have been made, including song uploads, and/or Subscriber-only benefits. This also applies to TV shows, movies, etc.
    • Keep fangirling/fanboying to a minimum.

Disciplinary Actions:
All chat users are responsible for their own actions and messages. Anyone seen breaking the rules will be warned in chat. Moderators may administer discipline on whomever and wherever considered appropriate. Repeat offences can and will result in further disciplinary actions:
  • Warning
    • A short message displayed in chat by a Moderator to the offender. This includes naming the offense, explaining why it breaks the rules, and asking the offender to stop.
  • Purge
    • The deletion of an offender’s message in chat by a Moderator. All messages are removed, but they are still allowed to send messages in chat.
  • Timeout
    • A temporary mute in chat by a Moderator to the offender. All messages are removed, and they are unable to send messages in chat for 10 minutes or more.
  • Ban
    • A permanent mute in chat by a Moderator to the offender. All messages are removed, and they are unable to send messages in chat for up to 1 hour, 1 day, or indefinitely.
    • Permanent chat bans are thoroughly discussed by the Broadcaster and Moderators, and given only in the most extreme cases, such as known bots and/or repeated offenders. Bans may be appealed to a Moderator by Twitch PM.

In the event you feel a decision was made in error against you, contact an Active a Moderator through Twitch Private Message (not Whisper) and state your appeal. While offending chat users may appeal their ban, Moderators retain the right to ignore any request for a ban repeal.. All ban appeals must be sent by the banned offender. No secondary representations are allowed (i.e. My friend wants to be unbanned, etc). Ban appeals will not be acknowledged through the Twitch Whisper system.

Tips, Donations, Channel Subscriptions, Twitch Turbo Subscription, and/ or other contributions (whether voluntary or monetary) do not exempt anyone from the rules.

~ ~ ~

About Livestream:
The Official Approaching Nirvana Livestream is a weekly show hosted by Approaching Nirvana members, Sam and Andrew. It is now broadcast on their Official Approaching Nirvana Twitch page. Approaching Nirvana has permission to broadcast on Twitch.

The Livestream currently consists of three parts: Bloon’s pre-stream mix, a live pre-arranged DJ Setlist, and the After Party. During this time, a limited 10% discount is available in the Official Approaching Nirvana Merchandise store using the code “Livestream”. For listeners unable to watch the Livestream video, an Audio Only stream has been provided. For more information about the Audio Stream, check out the FAQ. You can download the Audio Only .pls file here.

What is Bloon’s Pre-stream Mix?
This short, live mix is brought to you by Bloonguy, a helper to Approaching Nirvana. It consists of five or more songs previously picked by Bloonguy. It is a warm-up event for viewers entering the stream before Sam and Andrew appear for the pre-arranged DJ Setlist.

What is the pre-arranged DJ Setlist?
This special song list is decided by Sam and Andrew before each Livestream. It is comprised of between 8 to 28 songs, over an hour or two, sometimes more. Sam and Andrew talk briefly to the viewers and announce song titles and artists. Past DJ setlists as podcasts are found on the Mixcloud page or Approaching Nirvana website.

What is the After Party?
During this time, Sam and Andrew are able to speak freely and interact with the audience. In this section, they do not stick to a dedicated setlist and adhere to more of a freestyle DJ set. They pick songs to play in the background as they talk to the Community, answer fan questions, and announce winners of various giveaways. Viewers get the chance to ask questions and participate in giveaways.

In both DJ Setlist and After Party sections, active Livestream Moderators, and sometimes helpful chat regulars, post the currently playing song in the chat.

Common Frequently Asked Questions:

What is Tipping and how do I do it?
Tipping is one way to show support for Approaching Nirvana and the livestreams. All tips are managed by ImRaising crowdfunding site. Payment is by credit card or Paypal account. All tips and tipper names are briefly displayed on screen as they are received. Please put in your Twitch name for accuracy. You can find out more information about Tipping to Approaching Nirvana on their main Twitch page.

What is Subscribing and how do I do it?
Subscribing on Twitch is one way to show support to Approaching Nirvana and the livestreams. Payment is by credit card or Paypal account. You can find more information and a list of perks for subscribing to Approaching Nirvana channel on their main Twitch page.

What is Hosting and can I Host the livestream on my channel?
Hosting is a new service provided by Twitch. It encourages more viewers and gives them another chat to talk in. You are allowed to host the Approaching Nirvana stream (including gaming livestream). If you are hosting, let us know in the chat.

Who are the Active Moderators of the Twitch channel?
The current Active Moderators are as follows:
What is the bot in chat and can I use the commands?
Tehbotnana is a chat bot created by a livestream Moderator, TehBanana. It provides links and notifications in chat. Its commands are used by Moderators and Subscribers only.

Why are you streaming on Twitch? Don’t you play games?
Approaching Nirvana has permission from Twitch to stream the live DJ Sets. Occasionally throughout the week, they play games together. Follow their channel to get notified when they go live with a gaming stream.

Where can I see past DJ Set recordings?
You can find past DJ Set podcasts uploaded on Mixcloud on the Approaching Nirvana website.

I can’t see the stream! The stream is laggy! What do I do?
Try refreshing, a new browser, or lowering the stream quality. You may use the Audio Only stream which is only active during DJ Set Livestreams. How to set up Audio Only stream suggestions are found on the FAQ page. You can download the Audio Only .pls file here.

Can I use your music on my livestreams/Youtube, etc?
Yes, please refer to the licence page for Twitch and Youtube for how to do so.

I don’t speak English well. Can I speak my native language in chat?
While every fan from around the world is appreciated, the main language for Approaching Nirvana and their fans is English. Please keep the chat in English.

I have a question about Samdrew and all the music stuff they use!
You can most likely find your answer in their site’s FAQ page.

Can I post a link in chat of a video, drawing, art, etc I did for Sam and Andrew to see?
Please refer any of such things to Twitter, Facebook, or Fan Creation Section to keep the chat clear.

Remember, these Rules and Forums are in constant development to give you a fun and safe place to hang out. If you have any questions or concerns, you may message the Forum Moderators and Admins. Thank you for reading!

- Official Approaching Nirvana Forum Admins
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RE: Livestream Rules and Guidelines
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