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Livestream Quick Announcement - ApproachingNirvana - 03-16-2016 01:00 AM

What’s up guys! Just wanted to make a quick announcement. But first I wanted to thank all of you for supporting AN. Those of you who choose to donate and to subscribe continue to blow me away with your support and generosity. And most important of all, all of you who continue to stick around and support AN by listening, watching, and spreading the word is just mind-blowing. So, thank you.

On to the announcement. We need to avoid using other people’s names/usernames in donations so we can avoid confusion among the community. Also, it would help to avoid impersonating others, which is against Twitch policy. That being said, I love seeing you guys have fun with donations and stuff. It was funny to see the Cabbage stuff (although I’m still generally confused as to why lol). The main idea is to just keep the stream fun for everyone by following a couple simple guidelines: Don't spam and be respectful. For specifics you can always refer to the Stream Rules Thread.

Thanks guys! See you on stream this week Smile

- Andrew

RE: Livestream Quick Announcement - Waaazooo - 03-16-2016 02:20 AM

Can't wait to see you on Friday!
GOOD TALK Now hit the showers xD