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Exclamation Rules and Guidelines
Plug.DJ Rules and Guidelines

About Plug.DJ
Plug.DJ is a third party site where people can chat and share music and videos. Many fans have utilized this to hang out before and after the livestream. These days there is always someone in the Official Approaching Nirvana Plug.DJ room.

It is out of Beta phase, but still buggy at times, expect (occasional glitches such as; random freezing, losing your place in the waitlist, end of session etc), by using Plug.DJ you agree to be exposed to and accept such occurrences.

When using the Approaching Nirvana Plug.DJ room, please keep to the Plug.DJ Terms of Service, the Approaching Nirvana General Rules and Guidelines, and the following:

  • Have fun (Consider this more of a guideline than an actual rule).
  • Respect the decisions of the staff and the opinions of your fellow users.
  • Do not imitate persons ie; using their username and pretending to be them.
  • Do not Troll.
  • The use of Auto-Woot and Auto-Join plugins are tolerated, but please disable both if you intend to be away from your keyboard for longer than a few minutes.
  • AFK - please remove yourself from the waitlist if you intend to be afk for more than a few minutes. Auto-afk-reply messages should only be used if you are actually afk, and should be kept as short as possible and polite of course. Always disable them before you start chatting upon your return. Please change your status from away to Available/Working/Gaming.
  • Do not use Auto-Meh plugins.
  • Do not use or test Bots in the Approaching Nirvana room.

All content, be it chat or music/videos must conform to PG-13 ratings. This covers;
  • No full or repetitive partial nudity, racism, derogatory or defamatory images or statements.
  • No overly excessive/repetitive swearing in music/videos.
  • Music must belong to a sub-genre of EDM (Electronic Dance Music), unless a pre-arranged event is in effect (prior notice of these will be posted here on the forums).
  • No compilation mixes/best of... videos.
  • No tracks longer than 8 minutes maximum
  • If you want to play a song that’s over the 8 minutes maximum, please ask a staff member for permission to do so
  • Please do not play recently played tracks (check the history button before reaching the DJ booth).

  • Please keep all chat to English only.
  • No swearing/offensive language in chat.
  • Do not spam in chat.
  • No chat posts in all capitals.
  • Usernames: No sentences, offensive/racist language or symbols.
  • Please do not use obscure ASCII/Unicode characters.
  • Do not ask for ranks.
  • No weblinks in chat without prior consent of a staff member.
  • Do not ask for Friends in chat. Earn them by being polite, helpful, or by playing good music.
  • Do not self promote unless previously discussed with and approved by a member of the room staff.
  • No use of the /me or /em commands at any time. Room staff only.

Disciplinary Action
We want everyone to feel comfortable and welcomed. Your actions are your own responsibility.
  • Breach of any of the rules and guidelines will initially receive a polite warning from a member of the Plug.DJ Room staff.
  • If a track receives more Meh votes than Woots, it will be skipped.
  • Overplayed tracks (if currently playing and also in the history) will be skipped and a notice of why posted in chat.
  • Further breaches of the rules may result in your removal from the DJ waitlist, escalating to a 1 hour ban from the room, a 1 day ban from the room, and ultimately a permanent ban from the room.
  • Overly offensive or outright racist usernames will result in an immediate kick from the room, no appeals.

The Plug.DJ Room Staff
Host: (Can do anything within the room management/moderation)
Co Hosts: (Can change room name/description, as well as everything lower ranks can do)
Managers: (Can permanent ban & un-ban users and change room settings, as well as everything lower ranks can do)
FoxBot (Bot)
Sam Wilson
Bouncers: (Can skip and temporary ban users, delete chat messages, and move users onto/off of the waitlist)
Linda Zaal
Resident DJs: (Can join a locked Waitlist. Have permission to post relevant links such as rules and community sites. Are authorised to act as mini-mods)
Ai Nobara (ex-staff)
Arnold~ (ex-staff)
B3NW (ex-staff)
Geolu_Henge (ex-staff)
LunaLeaf (ex-staff)
MaxTheLad (ex-staff)
Midokite (ex-staff)
RebubbleSpirit (ex-staff)
Riltend (ex-staff)
Ross-RWJP (ex-staff)
trevinwoodstock (ex-staff)

Should an issue arise that is not covered by the above rules, the room staff have full authority to discuss and find a suitable solution to the appropriate problem.

Common Questions
Who runs the Plug.DJ room?
The room is managed by the Approaching Nirvana fans, not Approaching Nirvana themselves.

Does Approaching Nirvana ever come into the Plug.DJ room?
Yes, Sam, Andrew and Bloonguy pop in from time to time when they are available. They usually announce it through their Twitter and Facebook.

I have questions about Approaching Nirvana and the stuff they use!
You can most likely find your answers on their FAQ page.

Is FoxBot a bot?
Yes, FoxBot is our RoomBot program for debugging Plug.DJ (this is why it appears to skip most tracks at the end) and providing links to other Approaching Nirvana sites. Only Featured DJ and above have access to the commands in order to prevent spamming the chat. FoxBots availability is dependent on programming, Plug.DJ features.

Help, something isn't working!
Refresh the webpage and/or use the pop out chat feature.

I'm a music producer, can I play my own music?
We encourage people to share their own music, so go ahead. If you want to provide a link to your youtube/soundcloud/twitter etc, ask a staff member first and wait for permission to be given. If permission is given, please only post the link once.

How can I become such and such rank?
Not by asking. Keep coming back, being pleasant and helpful, and you may get noticed. Resident DJs are chosen in the same way Bouncers and higher ranks are chosen, for being helpful to everyone, following the rules, and generally embodying the spirit of the community. The rank is also given to former staff members.

Plug.DJ Basics
For more details, check out our Plug.DJ Tutorial

How do I sign up to Plug.DJ?
Go to Plug.DJ and simply log in using your Facebook account or register a new plug.DJ account.
If you have a Twitter or Google+ account you can convert the account at the main page under the login button.
The name you choose will be final.

How do I change my username?
You can not change your name once you have registered your account.

How do I change my avatar?
Click on your name in the lower right of the screen and select avatars from the menu that pops up.. Please note, not all avatars are immediately available, they have to be bought individually using Plug Points.

How do I earn points? And what can they be used for?
Plug Points are useful for buying avatars. You earn points by Wooting on tracks that you like, winning them as an award for a level-up or by having others Woot a track you are playing. Also, Plug Points are awarded when someone Curates the track you’re playing and by being active in chat. Do not ask people to woot your song.

What is Curate?
Curate/Grab is when you or another user adds the now playing track to one of their own playlists, in order to play it later. This is done by clicking the Grab button in the lower right area. (Also known as Williaming among the longer attending members)

How do I show my Like or Dislike for a song?
If you like a song, show your appreciation by clicking the Woot button, this also animates your avatar with a little dance. If a song really isn't grabbing you in the feels, click the Meh button to show your dislike.

How can I play a song?
Click on the Join Waitlist button to the left of the current DJ. However, you must first have a track on a playlist in order to join the waitlist.

How do I create a playlist?
Click on the My Playlists button in the lower left corner, and then select Create. To add tracks to a playlist, either Curate them from other users, or use the search function within the My Playlists. You can search Youtube and Soundcloud.

People are saying they can't hear my song, or I can't hear a song.
First of all, have a look at the video. It may be a private Youtube video, or it has been blocked in your region. If this is the case, let the DJ and a member of the room staff know. If too many people are having the same issue the track will be skipped. If the track is Soundcloud (usually identified by a default visualiser) refresh the video by clicking on it. If this doesn't fix it, try a full page refresh. Unfortunately this is a regular issue with Soundcloud songs, sorry. Please dont make a big thing about it; Mention it once and our staff will judge on the situation.

Please remember, these Rules and the Forums are in constant development to give you a safe and fun place to hang out. If you have any questions or concerns, don't hesitate to contact the Plug.DJ Staff Members through the Private Message system. Thank you for reading.

Official Approaching Nirvana Admin
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