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Full Version: Minecraft Firework Display timed to Music from Approaching Nirvana
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I few days ago i made a firework in minecraft and timed it to "Resurrection"
I think it went well Big Grin
Hope you like it Rolleyes

Links to all my Firework Displays:
Halloween Special (Monster)
When Darkness Comes
New Year Special (Tracer)
wow it looks really nice , and good timing Smile !!!!
Oh my!

If I hold a Minecraft fireworks show could I ask you to do the fireworks!?

But on topic, that was really cool, nice timing and good choice!
Really nicely made, amazing work! Smile
Very nice work, and great idea =) Thanks for sharing!
Duh epicnezz level ees ovar 9000!
Good job! Love it. Smile
hey thank you all for the really nice feed back.
it's a real motivation to read them.
so i think i'll do more fireworks, if i find time Big Grin
That was really cool! ^^
Hey guys I made another Firework some days ago.
This time i timed it to "Enlightened"
I hope you like it Wink

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